We're excited to announce a new format for the 2017 WECA Annual Conference!

Check out our Conference Preview here.

Each of the two conference days will begin with lead presentations that are short, lively and packed with memorable information. Designed to be similar to TEDTalks® these high-energy sessions will focus on 6 distinct themes:

As the day unfolds, workshops on the themes will be offered. The conference will blend “big ideas” from research and views from the field and best practices by child care teachers and providers. In between the talks, and the workshops will be many opportunities to connect in small groups, engage in experiential learning, play and explore real tools, books and materials. 

Registration Fee:

  • WECA Member:  1-day $110, 2-days $195
  • Non-Member: 1-day $135, 2-days $235
    Registration fee includes lunch.

Registration for groups of five or more will receive 10% off their registration fees.

    Thank you to our current 2017 Conference Sponsors

    Gold Event Sponsors


    UW Health and Quartz


    Silver Event Sponsors

    In-Kind Sponsor

With Gratitude to Additional Funders:

  • Collaborating Partners of the Southern and Southeast/Milwaukee Regions for their generous conference stipends.
  • Office of Early Learning - Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for their generous conference stipends and support of the Play Space Experience. 
  • Collaborating Partners of the Northeast Region-for their support of the Play Space!