FREE Online Child Care Training: Business Practices Tutorial

A child care business training you can do on your own time.

About the tutorial

While the information and practices in this tutorial are designed around YoungStar standards, they are appropriate for ALL early childhood programs who wish to increase their financial business practices. Participation in YoungStar is not a prerequisite to this tutorial.

We will review the 4 components related to finances in the Business & Professional Practices of YoungStar. We will offer a clear explanation of how you can create and review your budget and organize your record keeping, which may help you to increase your points. We will provide templates and resources to help you develop a budget, compare your budgeted amounts to what you actually spend and what you actually earn in income.

You can access the training at any time and do not need to complete it in one sitting.

Registry Credit

To receive Registry credit upon finishing the tutorial, you will be provided a link to complete a short evaluation. Once we receive your evaluation we will enter your name into the Registry roster and email you a certificate of completion. We cannot give Registry credit without the completed evaluation form.

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