Pathways Keynote

Rosemarie Allen, Ph.D.

Rosemarie Allen

Rosemarie Allen has served as a leader in early childhood education for over 30 years.  Her life's work is centered on ensuring children have access to high quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate.  She is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Metro State University of Denver.  Rosemarie is a respected keynote speaker, presenting on Culturally Responsive Practices, Cultural Competence, and Racial Disproportionality. She is also serving as an intern with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative where she created a course on Culturally Responsive Pyramid Model Practices.

Keynote Address, 8:30am

How Can I Maintain Quality When I'm So Busy Managing Behaviors?

This keynote address will challenge practitioners to consider how their own behaviors impact the tone and tenor of the classroom. The audience will:

      • Identify ways to de-escalate children during challenging situation
      • Identify ‘vulnerable points” in the daily routine when challenging behavior will most likely occur
      • Recognize their own hot buttons and triggers
      • Evaluate the classroom environment to identify triggers for problem behaviors
Breakout Session, 9:45-12:30

Culturally Responsive Practices and The Pyramid Model: Are they Complimentary?
The purpose of this workshop is to promote the social emotional development of young children using culturally affirming and culturally responsive strategies embedded in the Pyramid Model. Issues of implicit bias, privilege, and disproportionality in the early childhood are explicitly addressed, using a racial equity lens. This journey towards racial equity begins with being self-aware. Once biases are recognized, de-biasing activities can take place. Evidence-based practices, such as the Pyramid Model, are most effective when providers are aware of implicit and explicit racial bias and work DAILY to reflect, act, and grow.

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