Group Child Care Application

How to apply: 

1. Complete application, gather documentation of your income,* and get supervisor’s signature.

2. Scan all paperwork and email to: 
You may also FAX if you prefer: 877-895-5477


You may send all paperwork via U.S. Mail – but this will be slower.

Mail to:

REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program
Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
2908 Marketplace Dr., Suite 101
Fitchburg, WI 53719

What to expect once you have applied:

  • If your application is complete and you are found to be eligible, your REWARD check will be mailed to you in 4-8 weeks. Checks are written one time per month, at the end of the month.
  • If your application is incomplete, you will be notified by mail and allowed time to complete your application.
  • If you are found ineligible, you will be notified by mail.

Questions? Call 800.783.9322

*Send copies of 3 recent pay stubs – the summaries of your wages and benefits you get each time you are paid. Make sure copies are readable and complete.