Update on T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Waiting List

We are making a significant progress in reducing our Waiting List.  For the upcoming spring semester, 150-200 new scholarships will be awarded; this is in addition to renewals of contracts for those who are on a degree path but have not yet completed.  Our waiting list will be nearly cut in half, and we hope to reduce it further in semesters that follow.

When your name comes up on our Waiting List, you will be contacted by someone from our office and asked to complete an Application Update Form to verify that you continue to meet all eligibilities if you are still interested in receiving a scholarship.  At this time also, you will be asked to pay the $20 application fee.

In the New Year, those who remain on our Waiting List will be extended an offer of professional development counseling that may point to alternate continuing education opportunities until they can access a scholarship.

We have also made two program changes to help us move people off the waiting list a bit more quickly:

  • Credential Scholarships will now be 12-month or 18-month awards, rather than 2-year awards, for 12-credit and 18 credit credentials respectively. Our data shows that most credentials are earned in this amount of time.  Counselors have the flexibility to adjust contracts if an additional semester is needed.
  • Beginning immediately, T.E.A.C.H. will be paying the scholarship recipient their FULL bonus upon completion of their contract and receipt of grades.  This replaces our current system of providing a two-part bonus, one upon completion and one 6 months later.  Under the new policy, sponsoring programs will have until the end of the commitment period to pay the bonus or raise that they agreed to in the contract.

Both changes will allow us to move more quickly to those on our Waiting List because once we’ve expended all that we will expend on a current recipient, we can award a contract to new applicant.

Continue to visit this website for updates. For questions, call 608-240-9880, option 3.