Get Involved

Because small lives get bigger

WECA calls for greater public investment in early childhood education. We ask you to join us.

Our advocates are diverse. Perhaps you work with young children. Maybe you’re a parent. Or both. Or neither. To be a successful advocate you just need to care about young children and know how public policy impacts their lives and potential. 

Your voice, joined with many others, can help keep the needs of young children well-understood and appropriately funded. Our collective impact is greater as a result.

More ways you can help

  • Sign up for WECA Advocacy Alerts – keep up to date on issues affecting early childhood education in Wisconsin.
  • Read the WECA Blog.
  • Become a WECA member – WECA welcomes all who support Wisconsin’s investment in early childhood education. Membership opens opportunities for more learning, and more networking. By joining WECA you strengthen our collective power to advocate for quality early childhood programs for children and for just compensation for the early childhood workforce.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Write a letter to your legislators. Share a personal story about your commitment to our state’s children. You can find out who represents you and how to reach them here.Invite legislators to visit your program. Take a picture of them with the children and send them a copy with a thank you note.
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