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Resources to help you plan and organize:

Breastfed Babies Welcome
Cooking Up Healthy Habits – A Guide to CACFP Meals
Creditable and Non-Creditable Cheeses in the CACFP
Commercially Prepared Combination Food Items
Foods for Infants in the CACFP
First Children’s Finance Loan Info
Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Program
Healthy Snack Ideas
Household Size-Income Scale for the CACFP-Family Day Care Home Providers
How to Get Kids to Eat? Don’t Try!
Identifying Cereal Sugar Limits
Infants: Crediting Infant Foods

Food Program Meal Patterns (Wisconsin DPI Handouts): Effective October 1, 2017
CACFP Reference Guide | Programa de atención alimentaria para niños y adultos (CACFP) GUÍA DE REFERENCIA Cereals | Feeding Infants Handout | Fruit and Vegetable Component Handout | Grain Component Handout | Milk Component Handout | Meat/Meat Alternate Component | Checklist for New Meal Pattern | Cheese Slices and Nut & Seed Butters  | Creditable Non-Dairy Beverages

Food Program Meal Pattern Training Tools (USDA Handouts): Effective October 1, 2017
Calculating Sugar Limits for Breakfast Cereals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program | Calculating Sugar Limits for Yogurt in the Child and Adults Care Food Program | Choose Yogurts that are Lower in Added Sugars  En español Choose Breakfast Cereals that are Lower in Added Sugars En español | Serving Milk in the CACFP  En español Growing a Healthier Future with CACFP En español Grain-Based Desserts in CACFP | Methods for Healthy Cooking | Serving Meat and Meat Alternates at Breakfast

Nibbles for Health: Nutrition Newsletter for Parents of Young Children
Policy Regarding Provider Suspension from Wisconsin Shares
Replacing Grain-based Desserts
Sample Menus
Tips for Incorporating Whole Grain-Rich Grains
Tom Copeland’s Taking Care of Business Blog
USDA Provider Handbook – Free Nutrition and Wellness Tips
USDA Thirty on Thursdays: Training Webinars for New Meal Pattern Requirements
Wisconsin WIC Approved Whole Grains

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