Bring WEESSN to Your Community

WECA has worked with many communities to bring the Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network (WEESSN) to support child care providers. WEESSN’s valuable suite of services has sparked increasing interest about how it can bring expertise, resources, and collaboration to meet the needs of providers, families, and communities. 

Relationship-Based, Start to Finish
WECA invests in ongoing conversations with those stakeholders who are working to strengthen and support child care programs in their region because this work deeply engages community partners. We know each community has unique child care challenges – by listening carefully, we are able to identify customized service delivery. 

The Speed of Trust
WECA staff understand we all want the child care crisis solved now, yet it’s a tangle of intersecting forces that have brought us where we are today. WECA builds trust with stakeholders and child care programs by showing up and investing in the work. Our staff have deep lived experience in the child care field as both center-based and family child care program leaders, and therefore understand what the field is navigating. 

WECA staff have scaled WEESSN programming a half a dozen times and counting, so we know the steps that have made this successful. WEESSN helps guide feasibility and implementation plans and are responsive to the unique needs of each community in the process. This involves investigating local context, engaging partners with funding requirements and opportunities, and working directly with child care programs to explore and gauge feasibility. WECA prioritizes communities that have committed to securing additional funding for expansion into their region. 

 Interested in a Discussion?
To start the process, set up a time to talk with us, and we’ll collaboratively identify ways WEESSN can assist your community. Email WEESSN. We look forward to talking with you! 



High quality child care is the backbone of a thriving community. And, the evidence is clear that investing in children’s care and education makes a difference. If you’re interested in learning more or joining this movement to stabilize the system of child care in Wisconsin, contact us. 

The Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network was inspired by conversations within the community to address the supply and demand of child care issues that plague this sector. This work is made possible by the generous support of our partners, funders, and stakeholders alike – all of whom are at the heart of this program. Our local, regional, and national partners understand that valuing and supporting child care impacts everyone in the community, promotes economic development, and improves health outcomes. We thank everyone who has partnered with us, made investments, and shared resources. We’d also like to recognize those partners who have made in-kind gifts, denoted with an asterisk, who have supported this important work.

WEESSN - Southwest (Richland, Crawford, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, and Green Counties)

Other National Partners that are supporting the Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network and providing consultation and/or financial contributions to help scale and build sustainability of the network, include:

  • CCA for Social Good granted WECA the state license for this virtual shared services platform, Wisconsin Shared Early Education Resources (WISER) that offers over 1600 nationally vetted resources (many downloadable and customizable) and discounts (services and supplies) to member early care and education (ECE) programs. Every ECE program that is a member of WEESSN receives full access to these resources and monthly newsletters highlighting new content.
  • Opportunities Exchange is a national shared services clearinghouse that offers technical assistance and training to WEESSN staff. Currently WEESSN staff and Opportunities Exchange are collaborating on a new initiative to create a Pedagogical Business Curriculum for Family Child Care in conjunction with Tom Copeland.
  • Alliance for Early Success has and continues to fund technical assistance to WECA from Louise Stoney, Co-Founder of Opportunities Exchange, for the past 3 years. Louise is seen as a national preeminent expert on shared services.
  • The Wisconsin Infant Toddler Policy Project with funding from Pritzker Children’s Initiative includes policies and budget priorities to expand shared services as a mechanism for growing the capacity of high-quality infant and toddler ECE.
  • Children’s Funding Project works on two levels in Wisconsin: looking at state and local level revenue options using the Funding Our Futures framework.
  • Schmidt Futures’ Alliance for the American Dream contributed significant funding to kickstart the Dane County cohort within the We Care for Dane Kids initiative.