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Wisconsin Infant Toddler Policy Project 2021-2022 Budget Priorities

  • Create an infant toddler stabilization fund that is targeted at programs operating below full capacity. Cost = $30 million annually.
  • Create a pilot program in high need areas of the state where slots for 50 infant and toddler classrooms would be reimbursed at the actual cost of care. Cost = $9.9 million annually.
  • Expand the Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy for low-income parents:
    • Increase program eligibility to 200% of the Federal Poverty Limit to help working parents stay in the workforce. Cost = $6.4 million annually.
    • Increase subsidy reimbursement rate to 75% of market rate for infant and toddler care, which is the most expensive age group in care. Cost = $13.7 million annually.

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