Logotipo de la Red de Servicios Compartidos de Educación Temprana de Wisconsin

Misión, visión y valores

Al mejorar las prácticas de calidad del negocio, reducir los costos y ahorrar tiempo, cada día marcamos la diferencia en la vida de los proveedores de cuidado, los/as niños/as y las familias.

Cuando todos/as los/as educadores/as de la primera infancia reciben salarios dignos de su experiencia y formación, los/as niños/as reciben cuidados y educación de calidad, independientemente de su ubicación o de los ingresos familiares, lo que contribuye a crear una comunidad próspera.

Guias principales y valores


WEESSN puts equity into practice every day by meeting each child care program and provider where they are, understanding where they want to go, and working alongside them to achieve their goals. We strive to remove barriers so programs can participate fully in Wisconsin’s child care systems and access resources that make the largest impact. We are committed to providing bilingual resources and addressing the unique needs of both urban and rural programs.

Provider Voice

WEESSN exists to serve providers in ways that make a real difference in their lives. From its founding, WEESSN has listened to providers and built their feedback into programming, services and delivery implementation. Our iterative model highly values providers’ experiences and the Voices of Providers advisory group assembles WEESSN members for guidance and a formal feedback loop.


The business community has relied on shared services for decades to produce greater efficiency and increase their bottom line. WEESSN enables the child care community to benefit from economies of scale and expertise to grow their capacity to serve our Wisconsin communities in a more sustainable fashion.

Leveraging Community Strengths

WEESSN is tailored to the specific needs of the communities we serve and is formatted to deliver maximum benefits to ECE programs. It is continually revised based on extensive focus groups, survey feedback from child care programs, and the ongoing participatory nature of our program evaluation.

Systems Change

WEESSN provides the backbone support for a collaborative system of child care in Wisconsin where there wasn’t one before. Each child care program keeps its independence and style, and at the same time, WEESSN tirelessly works to streamline and improve their experiences in the different systems of early care and education in the state.


WEESSN serves as a catalyst for stabilizing the child care market and elevating the quality and continuity of care for children and their families.

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