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Mission, Vision and Values


By improving quality, lowering costs, and saving time, we make a difference in the lives of child care providers, children, and families every day.


When all early educators make wages worthy of their expertise and education, children receive quality care and education (no matter their location or family income), which contributes to a thriving community.


The business community has relied on shared services for decades with over 80% of fortune 500 companies increasing their bottom line with greater efficiencies. WEESSN brings these benefits to the child care community by enabling programs to join together to gain from economies of scale and expertise in order to grow their capacities to serve our Wisconsin communities in a more sustainable fashion.

Leveraging Community Strengths
Based on extensive focus groups, survey feedback from child care programs, and the ongoing participatory nature of our program evaluation, the activities of WEESSN have been formatted to bring the most benefit to providers and are tailored to the context specific needs of the communities in which we serve.

Systems Change
WEESSN provides the backbone supports for a collaborative system of child care in Wisconsin where there wasn’t one before.

WEESSN serves as a catalyst for stabilizing the child care market and elevating the quality and continuity of care for children and their families.