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Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network

WECA has launched Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network (WEESSN) to serve as a catalyst for stabilizing the child care market and elevating the quality of care for children and families in Wisconsin. WEESSN brings together family and group child care programs to pool resources and leverage economies of scale. By sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise, child care programs can build capacity in their caregiving, improve outcomes for young children and families, and benefit the community at-large.

  • Technological Advancements and Centralized Processing: Streamlined tuition invoicing and payments, enrollment processes, as well as child immunization and developmental screeners via a cloud-based technology.
  • Tailored Business Supports: Onsite consultation to increase revenue using the Iron Triangle Formula, which helps programs collect every dollar owed and strategize ways to address gaps in funding.
  • Joint Purchasing: Negotiated lower costs on goods (bulk buying) and services (insurance, facilities management, etc.) for child care programs in the network, resulting in efficiencies of scale.
  • Shared Staff: Provides a substitute teacher pool for hired and trained by WECA to promote staff and/or program stability.
  • Pedagogical Leadership: Access to professional learning communities, such as the Wisconsin Shared Education Resources on-line platform that houses thousands of materials and pedagogical supports vetted by national experts.

By sharing resources and staff, a shared service network frees up time and money that can be dedicated to quality programming and higher wages for child care professionals. WEESSN allows programs to be BIG where being BIG is important (purchasing and resources) and small where small is everything (meeting the needs of children and families where they are at).