REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program
You work hard to provide children with high-quality care and education. REWARD Wisconsin is here to recognize your commitment.

Wisconsin's young children depend on high-quality and consistent child care. Yet, the early childhood profession offers low wages and few benefits, impelling many professionals to leave the field. When this happens, children's social and emotional development is negatively impacted. The REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program is working to change this.

Rewarding your accomplishments.

As a child care professional, REWARD Wisconsin provides you salary supplements based on your educational attainments and longevity in the field. 

Rewarding your dedication.

Rewarding child care professionals for their commitment to the field is one of the best ways to reduce turnover. And it works! With a turnover rate of less than 1%, REWARD salary stipend recipients are providing children with lifelong benefits. Show your dedication to the field and apply for a REWARD salary stipend today. 

REWARD is an opportunity to:

  • Increase compensation of early childhood professionals
  • Reward and retain professionals who have attained education specific to the field
  • Encourage continued education
  • Reduce turnover
  • Improve the quality of care received by Wisconsin children