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Who funds the REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program?


In Wisconsin, the legislature determines every two years how the grant monies are allocated.


What is the dollar amount of the stipend?

It depends on your Registry Level. The stipends start at $50 and progressively move upward to a maximum of $450.

Can I apply only once for the stipend?


No. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria you may re-apply for REWARD Wisconsin stipends.


Why are stipends based on educational levels? Why isn't my experience rewarded?


REWARD recognizes the benefits both education and experience have for high quality child care. That’s why the program has both longevity and educational requirements.


What is the connection between REWARD Stipend and The Registry?

The REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program and The Registry operate independently of one another. REWARD is a program administered through the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association. The Registry is the organization which awards Registry Certificates. An individual receives a Registry Certificate after submitting their work history, record of coursework taken (both credit based and continuing education hours), and professional contributions. Based on this information The Registry staff assigns a corresponding ‘level’ number. The Certificate also shows the number of years a person has been in the field and what positions he or she is qualified to hold.

Are there rules for how I spend my stipend?

There are no restrictions or limitations on how you use your stipend. Some recipients use it to reinvest in their career – by taking classes or workshops or by purchasing new teaching materials. While these are potential uses of your stipend, your stipend is personal income and can be used at your discretion.