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Did you know that 3 out of 4 family child care providers in Wisconsin belong to a Food Program?

Join the WECA Food Program and we’ll help you pay for healthy food to feed the children you care for.

When you join you get:

  • Financial reimbursements for serving healthy foods
  • Assistance with easy and quick online recordkeeping
  • Materials to help you plan menus and market your program including a newsletter full of ideas
  • Plus, you’ll have access to online resources through the WECA website whenever you need

Who can participate in the WECA Food Program?

 If you are a certified or licensed family child care provider in Wisconsin, you may be eligible to participate.

How does the program work?

  1. Become a licensed or certified family child care provider.
  2. Contact WECA to schedule a visit to your home.
  3. Sign an agreement with the WECA Food Program and enroll the children in your care.
  4. Feed children following food program guidelines and keep a record of menus and attendance.
  5. Submit monthly menu and attendance records.
  6. Receive your reimbursement!

Once you’ve become a WECA Food Program participant:

  • Allow a WECA staff member to visit you three times a year
  • Complete an annual in-home training and child re-enrollment packet
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