WECA has long been a leader driving bold change in early care and education in Wisconsin with a focus on service to the early education workforce. As the importance of early childhood education and care increases, WECA's advocacy activities have evolved to support early childhood professionals as well as families, businesses and communities. 

Resources Available

REWARD Wisconsin Stipend Program

Make sure you or your staff have applied for this program, which provides wage stipends to eligible early childhood educators. Right now is the time to ensure all staff members have applied for a stipend. Current eligibility criteria and applications are available on our website. You could receive a stipend of $250 to $950.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

CACFP is a federally funded voluntary program that helps pay for the cost of serving healthy meals and snacks to participants in qualifying child care facilities. WECA is one of six sponsors of CACFP in Wisconsin and is eligible to serve family child care programs from all 72 counties and all Tribal nations. Center-based programs have access to resources through Department of Public Instruction.

Educator Assistance Program (EAP)

Staff who work in WEESSN-enrolled programs and their families have free and confidential access to the EAP, which provides free resources to support mental and financial well-being. Programs can sign up for WEESSN for FREE to help all educators, staff, and their families gain immediate access to these resources.

Milwaukee Workforce

Stipend Program

Early childhood educators who work in caregiving positions that are located in the City of Milwaukee may be eligible for up to $1,500 stipends. Current eligibility criteria and applications are available on our website.

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin offers scholarships to early childhood educators to make credit-based education more affordable, improve teacher compensation, and increase early childhood educator retention.

Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services Network (WEESSN)

If you are a director/owner of a child care program, sign up for WEESSN immediately. WEESSN is 100% FREE and provides so many business, financial, back-office, coaching, and other administrative resources, which will be especially important for child care programs now.

Career Development Counseling

Skilled counselors provide free advice to help you navigate your career journey.

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